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Simola Tiles LLP(India) to produce large ceramic surfaces with System technology

Simola Tiles LLP will start up in November 2017 a new LAMGEA 22000t moldless press specifically for the creation of large ceramic slabs in formats up to 1.2 x 2.4 m and thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm.

Simola?has decided to integrate System technology to enhance its position on the Indian market and targetexports to Europe and the U.S.with an innovative business offer.

The supply also includes the high-definition digital printing system Creadigit XXL?developed by System for a decoration at 400 DPI featuring precision and definition of every detail. Also to be installed on the same line are Rotocolor?systems to further improve the aesthetic quality of the products.

The ceramic products to be distributed by Simola will have both traditional uses such as floor and wall coverings, as well as innovative applications like?rain screens.

Simola’s choice for this technology reflects an advanced production system that offers process solutions developed by System with the aim of offering the Indian market a refined ceramic product while opening up interesting opportunities for export to new markets.


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