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LAMGEA wins Science and Technology Contribution

On March 28th System China was awarded at the?14th China Ceramics Industry Awards?for the one-of-a-kind innovation process represented by the mould-less press Lamgea, the technology at the core of the large ceramic slab manufacturing. The ceremony took place in Foshan and the award was promoted by the well-known and prestigious ceramic technical review?Ceramic Town Weekly. Lamgea?has revolutionized the traditional concept of ceramics, giving new life to this material. From the idea of a single tile came the development of an actual surface covering up to1600x4800 mm with thickness ranging from?3 to 30 mm.?An evolution that has opened up roads in ceramic innovation with brand new applications, bringing it to sectors that until now simply could not be served. This has represented a synonymous of prestige in technology and architecture.

Lamgea?is the most powerful mould-less press available worldwide. Thanks to a specially designed hydraulic circuit, the press implements a dedicated work cycle where the pressing force can reach peaks of 44,000 tons, guaranteeing large format sheets (up to 1600 x 4800 mm) and a wide range of thicknesses (from 3 to 30 mm)with no internal stress.
The raw materials are processed thanks to an innovative system of specially designed tapes that enable the creation of smooth and structured finishes up to a depth of 2 mm, the latter obtained thanks to a laser incision system installed on the tapes.

Thanks to the highly skilled engineering and technical departments, System keeps on creating new cutting-edge applications confirming its leading role in paving new ways as Innovator of Process. The award?Science and Technology?Contribution?was received by the Director of Operations of System China, Mr?Orfeo Finocchi?in Foshan. This recognition shows once again that the high-performing manufacturing processes of System are considered to be a made-in-Italy technological excellence in the field of industrial automation for the ceramic industry.

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