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System has demonstrated its ability to grow and expand not just in multifarious sectors but also in multiple countries across the globe, creating a network of companies and subsidiaries that share a passion for innovation and for pursuit of excellence.

The foundations for future growth can only be laid through innovation. This is System's history.
A story that has lasted for over 40 years.

Franco Stefani founded System in 1970 to give concrete form to his entrepreneurial vision. Today he is a business leader and chairman of System S.p.A., and personally leads the Research and Development team.

The core business is designing automations for the ceramics industry and logistics industry, of which we have entirely revolutionized the productive processes more than once.
Our know-how has then spilled over into the packaging, logistics, intra-logistics and electronics sectors thanks to the process evolutions we have introduced through innovations in the field of mechatronics.
Our history, in fact, is about process innovation. Hundreds of invention patents placed on the market, a global market of which we have been able to anticipate the trends.
System-marked automation is strictly Made in Italy and inspired by clear principles: internationalisation, production flexibility, production process ever more environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology.
System (China) Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.18 Xinfa Road,Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China.
Tel:0512-65477627 / 65935247 
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